two weeks

It’s been two weeks today since my surgery and I could not have asked for a better outcome. A lot of good prayers went into my surgery and my continued recovery that I will be eternally grateful for. Right now I have the effects of the surgery still following me around but they get better every day. Hip is still sore from where they took the bone graft, neck muscles are sore from cutting into them and my throat is finally getting back to normal after the breathing tube and moving everything out of the way to get to the vertebras.

Mostly I feel so much better I have a tendency to overdo which puts me in a tailspin for the rest of the day. I have had to pace myself carefully which is not my normal mode of operation.  I am currently walking about a mile to a mile and a half a day which has been a challenge because of the snow we get once or twice a week. The snow doesn’t bother me but I can not afford a slip and fall on the ice.

For now, I have 30 more days until I meet with my surgeon to see how the bone graft is doing. If I get a A-OK then I can remove my cervical collar and resume driving, with some physical therapy. If I don’t get an A-OK then its’ no driving and the collar stays on for up to twelve weeks.

I will have used up all of my sick and leave time by the end of this week but thanks to a leave transfer program that was approved today I have had co-workers and my daughter donate an additional 350 hours into my account. This is a huge blessing that takes a lot of weight off my shoulders on how I was going to continue paying for insurance premiums for health care.

As you can see there have been a lot of people responsible for my ability to pull this surgery off. One of the reasons I never did it sooner is because I just did not have the network to pull off a twelve-week recovery program until recently.


Lets get a few things straight mister

  1. You titled the poem where the treasure lies, not me.
  2. you dared me to find it.
  3. you did not dare me to solve the poem
  4. the only proof acceptable is the chest in hand
  5. you hid a chest of gold and trinkets, bottom line all that matters. I don’t care what year, day hour or why.
  6. if I follow the clues in the poem they will lead me to the treasure
  7. there are hints in the book that can help with the clues
  8. no one knows where it is hidden but you and now me.
  9. you do not tell all of the truth
  10. logically if you do not tell all the truth, then some must be lies
  11. if some are lies and some are truths, where do we come to an accord upon the middle ground?
  12. If the middle ground is neutral, then that means anything goes, Right?
  13. Diplomatic immunity applies to all neutral territories.
  14. If I can find it it is mine.
  15. if it is mine then I do with however I see fit.
  16. no need for lawyers, this is governed by the code of the west
  17. the olive jar memoir is mine and mine alone
  18. As soon ASI touch the chest all contents within transfer into my immediate possession and I will not relinquish my rights under any circumstances.
  19. I do not accept any liabilities written or otherwise
  20. Everything is negotiable

If you must tell fish stories then I must insist only while fishing, the confession may be good for your soul but I really don’t want to hear what I suspected all along. Bottom line is I search for treasure for the treasure not to say I am a treasure hunter. I will kick your sorry bones off my treasure chest to lay hands on it and will not have one moment of regret. As far as moving them you did not pay for that, see number 20 above.

22.  I am the Bull of the mtn. You will know my Rams head.

Nothin to brag about

I could sit around here spouting off about how smart I am, but I’m not gonna. By the time you solve Forrest Fenn’s poem you realize you must be a dummy not to have figured it out in about 5 long minutes.  I could flex my mental muscle but there’s no one to impress, them little kids aren’t impressed on how long it took you to get there.

You see Fenn wrote his poem to handicap the adult mind not to aid it. Even when you know precisely where the chest is at the adult mind post road blocks that a child would simply ignore. It’s not the child that might need the help it is the adult.

So how does the adult clear the path to the chest? There is only one way, and that is to regress, to turn tail on our need to act like an adult and indulge our inner child.

Now that you know all of this its not going to clear your conscience one little bit but you can always just blame it on your youth.

What happens when FF gets his Way

Have you ever thought about it? Does it matter, who’s gonna care? Good Morning America? There a joke anyways. Besides Forrest done burnt that bridge promising a clue a week until someone found the treasure. Then they got all snippy with one another on live TV about his clues not really being clues, next thing you know no more Forrest on GMA, that showed him who wears the pants. Without the GMA there would be no chase, most everyone would think its just a joke by some dyslectic millionaire.

In the end, Forrest has to get his way cuz that’s the way he and his highly flatulent Generals have worked things out and everyone knows them generals don’t want to be anywhere near the front line when this thing blows up. But what are they hoping for at best? I figure five minutes of fame is all they get, it will be news one day and the next day it will be back to bizness as usual, who the hell is FF. Just another crazy American who got a medal for making dry runs into the enemy fire buying time for some troops on the ground. A hero, no big deal we got heroes like these walking all over the place, up and down the street just looking for some crazy stunt to pull to show how heroic they are. They wait in line all their life hoping to get called up just once, and when they are old and gray they fade out of the system to be replaced by the newer sleeker younger model’s.

So it ain’t about you or me, hell they don’t even know us. So what is it all about?It’ss them an end to their means, whatever that might be.

Some how I think it just boils down to the generals all sittin around smokin cigars and placing bets on if when and who might just pull the rabbit out of the hat. A game of FF to make a noone into a sumbody, just cuz he said he can do it and someone laughed at him.

Thats the way I see it cause none of this other stuff he’s puttin out is really making any sense.

Lately, it seems everything on the blogs about FF’s treasure hunt has become so mind-numbingly absurd I don’t know how these people come up with this stuff. I don’t think any of our so-called blog celebrities could find the treasure chest if it fell out of the sky and landed on their head.

While I personally see no reason to just hand out clues and hints on a silver platter I also see no reason to have discussions on things that could not feasibly be remotely correct or intentionally misleading . When it comes right down to it the idea of the chase community as a whole is better left for maybe having an annual fennborre where one can get inebriated and brag about all the places they know Forrest didn’t go. A place of showing who had the biggest scar, twisted ankles, bad knees and poor judgment. All disagreements can be remedied by knife and hatchet throwing contests, shooting tricks and see who can build the biggest bonfire in the least amount of time with the least materials.

all trade materials are welcomed and encouraged.

so Forrest if your reading this I highly encourage and recommend a new sharing of material, material on how to be a outdoor hero. Fishing, hunting, trapping how tos and how to skin a grizz. A new book titled Fenn’s Hacks for the pilgrims.

I mean you got to have more up your sleeve than just mud baked trout, right?


forty-two pounds

Just to talk to hear my head rattle, make sure its still attached. A proven fact all rainbows are 30 foot tall and 50 feet long. Noone can find the treasure chest cuz they don’t know where to start. How you get to your special search area is your bizness but if you can not contain all nine clues within a 30′ x 50′ area you might as well stay home and play dominoes.  I am done now because I am pretty sure my head is about to roll off of its pivot point.

So if you’re still paying for attention old timer, Im guessin there ain’t much left to talk about. unless of course we just want to have our own private little party with some door prizes. Just to try and make ourselves feel better. We can break out some Campbell’s chicken noodle soup and sing kumbaya around the campfire, while we sneak tekilla when noone is looking. But maybe I missed something you feel needs to be brought to my immediate attention and if that’d be the case I guess summer school is just around the corner.

What to do, what to do? Not a problem, oh no. At least nothing a little garlic cant fix, it’s your bad spaghetti western not mine. Momma Mia.

Vladimir Putin wearing a suit and tie