Damed if you do………….


You heard it if you do or if you don’t, 6 one way half a dozen another. You cant take anyone’s advice on the road less traveled crap cuz I’ve done em both. I like to cover all my bases, I end up working twice as hard but at the end of the day, I know what I got.

Sometimes you just gotta take a chance and turn your back on it all just to see if Fate is in your side or Destiny. Either way, it’s probably gonna hurt you just learn to like the pain. I can take it, it’s what I do.


Me And My Partner

IMG_0145Thats right, that makes two and we got a big secret. My partner wants to spill the bananas  so bad she’s runnin laps around the yard. I bet Forrest would like to know what she knows! Did you know she can se in the dark pretty well, must be all them wabitty carrots she been eating.

Sometimes darkness can be enlightened by a special event or a sudden turn of events, in every event there are always options to embrace or disengage oneself from. I am not always perfect and I prefer to look at every individual situation as a learning experience. Hopefully making contact with like minded individuals along the way. There is a season for everything and that includes going home or staying home.

who said anything about giving up? Scary thing is I actually understand this little pep talk.

IGNORE DATA……trust oneself or trust in one…………….?

How Do You Picture Forrest?

Most times I see Forrest as a young man chasing cars and then I have to remind myself that he is thirty years older than I and that makes me think he could be my father. Then at other time’s when I am thinking about all of he things he’s said and what I have learned from his Chase, the wisdom of it all I think of my grandfather and the things he used to tell me as a young boy.

I think Forrest should know in case I never have the opportunity to tell him that I consider him as all the above and that he covers a wide spectrum of Time. Most the time I picture him as a little gremlin playing tricks on me but that it’s all in good fun with no hard feelings and at the end of a the day we sit around a campfire telling stories and I give him half of my peanut butter and jelly sammich and he shares half  his grilled pimiento cheese sammich with me. And for some reason he concedes that I am a better fisherman than him but I know he’s just pulling my leg. Most times he time I just sit and stare into the fire trying the figure out the hard question he asked me.

Have you ever dug up your blaze in a 24″ perimeter search using nothing but primitive tools because a joker told you no specialized tools needed? Some things have a long memory span and deserves unrelenting recognition.

Thirty Days Notice

Most jobs just want 14 days, I dont know how I get trapped in all these silly little games people play. If they gonna fire you, you get zero days, if they gonna lay you off you get zero days, just doesn’t seem fair to me. WE are trapped in a world of tyranny, most won’t admit to it and ignore the obvious others know the answer but are afraid to muddy the waters. Me I have gotten into trouble more than once by mentioning the imbalances I see and now after all these years I can find humor in such a stale environment that has played since the beginning of time. You would think at some point we could rise up and change it all but it hasn’t happened yet and I don’t think it will change in the next 1000 years. I guess we are all born to be slaves to something.

That brings me around to Mr. Fenn and Mr. Douglas changing their launch of Forrest’s new and third memoir, seems to be a series now. Anywaze why postpone it 30 days? That was a red flag to me, maybe the Russian is involved. Basically, they gave a thirty-day notice on the thirty-day notice which is very kind of them and maybe will start something new, who knows?

So here’s the way I see it, whoever solved the Poem has until October 2nd to get it in the vault which allows a thirty day cooling off period before they can slap the Bracelet down on the table at the book signing. I just hate deadlines, don’t you and what happens if the finder has no intention of letting the Tyranny continue? Maybe on their journey, they made plans of their own and have decided they march to the beat of their own drum. I just get the feeling there’s a lot of what if’s going on in the background that no body has taken into consideration.  Now maybe I’m getting soft in my old age but I just hate going to parties I was never invited to and the only thing I hate worse than not getting invited to a party is and then they tell you there’s a 24.95 cover charge. I mean really how low on the pole are they trying to keep me?  AND if that isn’t enough what is it with these deadlines? I thought this thing was supposed to last at least a thousand years, I think the party might be just a tad premature and the rabbit done died.

Yall can keep your hi falutin parties and your frog gigin and chasin rabbits cuz I been there and I done that and Guess what I am sumbody that doesn’t have to prove nothin to no body I can find my own way in this world. Always have and always will.

And the silence from the crowd is deafenning.


Is Forrest auditioning for Secret Service Agents at Collected Works in Sante Fe on November 2, 2017? After all two can keep a secret if one is dead, right? In that case, Mr. Preston and Mr. Fenn are the secret keepers and anyone else is in for a long dirt nap. How do you think they are going to get rid of the other one in the know? Stabbing do you think? Lethal injection? Steal their hypothalamus? You know a person can never be too careful and it’s a good idea to have an understanding of your seat location in case someone decides they want to do a little bird hunting.

Is Forrest the imagination guy and Douglas the meld guy or is it the other way around? How does a person who is so full of horse kapooie relay an idea to someone that can create a novel out of it all? Seems like a daunting task, which is more important the kapooie or the creation? How does it all survive the translation? Is something like that even possible? You see I have a lot of kapooie doing laps around and between my two ears but if you don’t have the right words for it then how could anyone else relay it all into a presentable image? I need a couple of days off to contemplate all this new information and decide on the proper approach to meld it all together myself.

I was a bow hunter for many years and I found that a direct approach was not always in my best interest, often the game knows your there before you know they are and they are just sitting back watching. A direct approach is guaranteed to spook them but if you wander back and forth, zig in and zag out wander around like you have lost something the curiosity gets the better of the game and next thing you know that zag has put you in range. We all know how that curiosity worked out for the cat. So whats next in this game of musical chairs? Maybe Peggy is going to have the final say,  after all, she is the resident expert on “Dancing with Stars”.

What do you say Mrs. Peggy who has the better moves and have you seen any stars lately? Anyone dancing to their own beat or is the competition too close to call at this point? Remember tye goes to the runner and Forrest hasn’t left the comfort of his recliner lately. Maybe we need to come up with a treasure hunt for him.

“The river did come to me,

Straight into my arms

I tried to caress it

But it ran through my fingers”

I wonder if they will be releasing any hints on what they would like to see at the pot luck after the book  signing by the open bar filled with tekilla and Cuban cigars



You know those things a person needs in life, I need a reservation at a cheap hotel with a nice bed in Sante Fe but there is none to be had. I also need reservations at a nice place to go for my anniversary. But I have reservations about making the trip or traveling such long distance.

I have also been trying to make reservations at Collected Works for the book signing but not much luck there either. I want row 4 seat 22, and please please a double autograph copy of the new book “Once upon a While” with Douglas and Forrest’s special signed edition waiting on the seat. Once upon a While sounds like the ending to “Every once in a While”.  But I haven’t had much luck getting any of these reservations, maybe I should just spend my time wishing for an airplane for Christmas.

I went to a baseball game once, the pitcher had pitched a no-hitter right up to the ninth,,, then walked three in a row. I left with reservations about whether or not he was going to throw the game. I think it got called for lightning. After that, I lost track and ended up 50 miles from where I started.

Or  I could just stay on the Reservation and stay outta trouble

Do or did you know that gold and silver is antimicrobial? Getting smArter every day. But I always knew that or at least for more than a few years.


What do you think ya or nay? My wife is leaving town for four days and I was thinking of  a little adventure but it was just not coinciding  as far as my days off of doing my thriller and skipping back in the door before she got back, then low and behold they changed my days off outta the blue and now I’m tracking pretty fair it was like a ton of rock was lifted off my shoulders.

There may be something to this FATE thing after all. Douglas Preston I hear you have something of mine!

Luke Locked into the Museum

So I watched Toby’s blog about Forrest’s new book and the forward written by Douglas Preston and I must say everyone is a day late and a dolar short. First off Forrest never releases anything unless someone has already figured it out, so by releasing the last clue he is telling the world the treasure has been found, leveling the field like everyone says he does, now how does he know that? I don’t know or can’t say but I think he has spidey senses. That leads to a conclusion that the final clue is only going to be understood by one person because when you do figure out the clues in the poem and go to where the treasure was you won’t be able to confirm anything any longer but you will know that nothing in the poem lead you to the Denver museum and the poem is the key ingredient.

I have to ask myself why release this paperback edition of what is basically the scrapbooks rendition over at Dal’s expanded upon or embellished slightly. I quit trying to figure out why Forrest does certain things, he’s on a different level than I. Mostly now I just take what he gives and enjoy it for what it’s for.

Thanks Forrest for the entertainment may you continue to entertain the masses and never let the thrill die. In the meantime, there’s a hot spring calling me somewhere and I have narrowed it down to NM, CO, WY, or MT. but I just end up where ever the wife wants to go.

I know how to play the Forrest Fenn mind meld with the best of em.